Travel and malaria prevention

We offer a tailor made service based on your travel destinations and length of stay, offering a choice of World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended vaccinations and malaria prevention. Speak to a member of our team to book your appointment with one of our trained pharmacists, who will be able to administer vaccinations as required.

Childhood immunisations

Immunisation is considered one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century, significantly contributing to healthier, more productive lives.

With a set programme of vaccinations offered to children in the UK from birth through childhood and adolescence, it is believed this has contributed to the prevention of millions of child deaths worldwide each year.

If you or your child has missed one of these crucial immunisations then our private vaccination service can help.

All of our pharmacists are fully trained to administer vaccines to both adults and children, as well as being trained in anaphylaxis and basic life-saving support, ensuring you are in safe hands when opting to have immunisation at our pharmacy as an alternative to visiting your GP. We also offer private vaccination services for immunisation not available on the NHS.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

It is estimated that by the age of 27 most sexually active people have been exposed to some strain of HPV, usually without their knowledge.

Some strains of HPV can cause genital warts while others can lead to cancer.

Our fully trained pharmacists are able to offer an HPV vaccine to all those unable to access the NHS service, including men and boys.

Meningitis B

While the Meningitis B vaccine is now provided as part of the UK’s routine childhood vaccination program, many teenagers and university students may have missed immunisation and are no longer eligible to receive the vaccine free.

Following a vaccination consultation with one of our trained pharmacists, we are able to provide this service, helping to prevent this potentially life-threatening infection.


Pneumococcal infections can affect people of any age and, although more prevalent in winter months, can strike at any time.

We are able to offer a pneumonia vaccination service to patients who are not eligible for the free NHS vaccine, or who find it more convenient to visit the pharmacy instead of booking a GP appointment.

Seasonal Flu

Our pharmacists have completed training covering all practical skills required to vaccinate adults, children and infants, including anaphylaxis and basic life support, putting you in very safe hands if choosing to come to the pharmacy as an alternative to visiting your GP for an annual seasonal flu vaccination.

The flu vaccine service operates from September to March, offering both a free NHS vaccine for those eligible and a private, fee paid service for patients wishing to give themselves the additional protection that a flu vaccination offers.


Chickenpox vaccination is currently not available via the NHS but, with parents increasingly wanting to avoid their children suffering symptoms and potential scarring, we are able to offer this service privately via our vaccination clinic.

Yellow Fever

We are able to offer Yellow Fever vaccination service privately at all our pharmacies.

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Covid Booster Vaccination

As a Covid Vaccination Centre you can book your vaccine at The Hythe Pharmacy.

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